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Full day shoot

One of our highly skilled camera operators will capture your entire day, Including the pre wedding preparations with the bride getting ready, the ceremony, the photo’s, the reception, the speeches, the first dance and party guests, including the location and surroundings to make your video extra special.

Professional edit

After the day of your wedding, your video will be professionally edited into a stunning keepsake including all the best bit’s of your day and evening played out to your favourite music tracks. Prior to your wedding we will discuss with you the music of your choice and any special requests you have for the edit. Ensuring you get the perfect video.

High definition footage

Filmed with our high definition cameras, at 1080p your footage can be viewed across most platforms. This gives you crisp and professional looking footage, adding more vibrant colours and detail to your video. The quality of our videos create a cinematic feel, and are guaranteed to wow your friends and family.

Pre party highlights

As your evening guests arrive they can catch up on the best bits of your wedding day so far. We will screen your edited footage as a romantic introduction to your reception party. This feature can be included or added onto a package and is a brilliant way to ensure that no one misses out.

15 - 60+ min video options

Your video can last from anything 15 minutes to 60+ minutes long, depending on the style you are after. The shorter length videos have a highlighted feel to them, and are ideal for couples looking for a romantic reminder of their day. The feature length options go more in-depth into your day and allow more features to be added to your video.

Aerial footage of venue

HD footage of the location and grounds captured on our professional quadcopter, creates a cinematic, movie like feel to your video. This feature can be included or added on to other packages. If you're looking for a truly unique edge to your video, add this impressive feature to your package today!

Messages to camera

Includes best wishes and fun messages from members of your friends and family, adding a personal and heartfelt touch to your video. Making your DVD a timeless keepsake for you, your friends and family to look back on time and again.


Add our professional photography service to any package to give you a complete, comprehensive bundle containing both photography and videography, saving you time, money and effort. As well as a videographer, one of our dedicated photographers will also be included. This provides you with the best possible service.

Personalised DVD

Once your video is complete we provide you with an HD link where you can download your video and save it digitally. If any amends are required we provide one amend session for free to ensure your 100% satisfied with your video. We then send your personalised boxed DVDs straight to your door.

DVD menu

Every DVD provided will have a personalised menu, created especially for you. This means on loading your DVD you can navigate easily through the different features. Your video will play like a professional DVD.

Multi camera & operators

Two cameras allows us to capture more of your special day so nothing is missed! This means we can be in two places at once, giving much more depth to your film with lots more for you to enjoy. With two camera operators, we can capture in much more detail every aspect of your day. With more action and reaction shots, it will feel as if you are reliving your special day once again.

Speech and ceremony audio

We will record the audio from your ceremony, speeches, messages to camera, and geneal ambience. Together with our on camera direction mics, and lapel mics, we ensure we get the best possible audio so you don't miss a thing!